Welcome to the website of ProCon Development!

We are a consulting business which, since early 1993, has carried out a large number of different tasks for public and private businesses, distributed throughout most of the country.

We provide new and established businesses with the breeding ground and opportunity for growth, stability and development, by undertaking specific, individual assignments or through more permanent, prolonged collaborations.

The areas of consulting that ProCon specializes in are broad; they are, however, centered on three main areas within business consulting.

Continuous assistance to regular clients within e.g. management sparring, administration, accounting assistance and budgeting, including an assessment of the business economics. We can agree to function periodically as on-duty managers on reduced time, or we can carry out ad hoc assignments related to the construction of administrative and accounting related systems, as well as we can e.g. assess, structure and utilize the resources present in the company.

Board work.

Establishment consulting in connection with business trading or new establishments.

5 good reasons for selecting ProCon as your collaborator:

We are used to working purposively and in an organized manner

We are persistent and make sure that things get done

We are energetic

We provide breadth of view though our broad experience

We provide the business with management tools

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