Generational change


It is important that a business plan also includes considerations on the generational change.

Off course, these considerations vary depending on whether they concern small businesses, which are often owned and run by the same person, or whether they concern large companies with several management resources. However, regardless of the size, trade or location of the business, there will be certain common characteristics.

A generational change always involves two areas; that is, the organizational and business related considerations, as well as the technical considerations.

The aim of the generational change

  • To provide the business with management that can further its positive development, benefitting both employees and owners.
  • That the owner wants to be put in a situation where he is free to act and decide on his future as regards the business.
  • To protect the capital and distribute this fairly between the successors.
  • Business analysis

    A thorough analysis of the business based on the owner/management’s and employees’ own perception of its strengths and weaknesses.

    Start with a service check of the business

  • The business plan
  • The fundamental values of the business
  • Analysis of the business
  • Based on the business analysis we draw up a profile of the future management of the business. At the same time, we clarify future areas where effort has to be made in order to ensure the best possible preparation for the generational change.

    Generational change – this is how you do it....

    We are prepared with the type of sparring you need to move forward in your considerations on the generational change.

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