Globalization and outsourcing

These years, companies within all sectors of the trade are preparing themselves for globalization. When the production is outsourced to subcontractors or sections of the production are moved, the base in Denmark may become more profitable and secured for the future. ProCon uses thoroughly tested methods and handles the process from the initial clarification, through the development of the outsourcing strategy, to the establishment and implementation.

Production in the Ukraine

ProCon has expert knowledge when it comes to moving to the Ukraine. ProCon provides consulting together with Western Ukrainian Management Consulting (WUMC), which is the formal collaborator in the Ukraine. WUMC is based in Lviv which is a large town on the border of Poland. The collaboration with WUMC makes it possible to provide coordinated consulting and, through our data bases, to assist in finding suitable premises, suppliers and collaborators in general in the Ukraine.

Our collaboration with WUMC makes it possible for us to create overall solutions that cover everything, from participation in the preliminary studies, selecting the production solution and finding suppliers and subcontractors, to participating in the implementation. After the establishment, together with the WUMC we can assist with continuous management assistance in Denmark and the Ukraine; both when it comes to production as well as administration and accounting.

WUMC has assisted several foreign companies in their establishment in the Ukraine.

Why is the Ukraine interesting for Danish businesses?

The Ukraine is situated close to the European markets and is only two days of transportation away from Denmark.

The Ukrainians are hard-working, sociable and relatively well-educated and the Ukrainians in the western parts of the country have western sympathies.

The Ukraine provides the possibility for effective logistics, both in terms of shipment and personal contact.

The Ukraine has low production costs and a very attractive wage level, similar to the wage level found in the Far East.


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