Professional board

Why have a professional board?

Many boards in small and medium-sized companies are still composed of the owner's closest relatives and also often include the family attorney. There may be several good reasons for this, however, it is important that these companies continue to ask themselves if the board is composed of the right people according to the current needs of the company.

It must be emphasized that not all businesses and managers will necessarily benefit from having a professional board. We wish to work with companies that have the possibility for and desire to progress, and where the owner does not mind being looked over his shoulder and receiving constructive criticism.

Professional board member

Having a professional board member onboard is only interesting for development oriented companies where the owner does not want to reign supreme, but is ready to share the management of the company with professionals on the board. At the same time, the owner must be willing and have the resources to make an effort with the boardwork.

Active interplay is, in many cases, a key phrase when it comes to favorable development. ProCon Developments senior partner have many years of experience with boardwork on all levels.

ProCon Development does not believe in professional "nannies", and works honestly and persistently on your board.

ProCon Development is a source of knowledge with experience in several areas:

Sparring partners for the owner's good ideas

Creators of ideas and starters in a, perhaps, stationary family business

"Mediators" in companies with several owners

"Midwives" during changes of ownership


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