Business development / Management


ProCon can assist in the positive development of your company.

In other words, we can help make sure that your company does better tomorrow than today.

Naturally, it is not all about your role as the manager; it is also very much about the willpower, spirit and motivation of your employees.

With its many years of experience from Danish trades and industries, ProCon is able to advise your company in many different areas. In other words, we can assist in the growth of your company by solving its problems and strengthening its strong points further.

ProCon consults your company in many areas and on many levels.

We can provide general as well as specifically targeted consulting.

Together, we can evaluate the need for our assistance to your company.

Any assignment involving business development takes its starting point in a complete analysis of the company, based on its strengths and weaknesses as understood by the management and the employees. Having thus clarified the target areas, we actively collaborate with management and employees in the creation of a development plan which takes into account the basic values of the company, and which will make the company reach its goals.


When Production companies need to outsource their production to subcontractors or outright move sections of the production to countries with lower costs of production, ProCon Development assists, through collaborations in several Baltic countries and through WUMC in the Ukraine, in preliminary investigations and the following implementations, including strategic, legal and practical matters.


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