Current assignments

The following are examples of current assignments in which ProCon Development takes part.

Business development:

Situation: The business is not satisfied with its earnings. It does not have an idea as to why the bottom line is not satisfactory.

ProCon helps the business obtain an general view by structuring and organizing clients, markets, production, management tools, financial management.

Professional board member:

Situation: Small or medium-size business in need of controlled growth.

ProCon typically functions as a "working board member" where ProCon’s broad experience can provide the business with a general view and management tools.

Temporary management:

Situation: The business has some assignments which it does not have the resources or competence to handle itself.

ProCon takes care of a function in the business (e.g. finances or production management), while the manager receives a professional sparring partner.

Outsourcing or moving:

Situation: Low-tech, labor-intensive production business.

ProCon handles the analytical and preliminary aspects in connection with the outsourcing or move of production.

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